Community Coalitions (Committees)

CrowdHealthy People Lincoln County

Healthy People Lincoln County’s mission is to promote partnerships within the community to improve health through advocay, prevention, and implementation of best practices. Coalitions have been formed to work on Mental Health, Nutrition and Healthy Foods, and Oral Health.

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Lincoln County Death Review Team

Lincoln County Child Death Reveiw Team is one of the teams in Wisconsin who help to better understand how and why a child has died. There are statistics on how many children die and from what causes, but often know little about the circumstances leading up to the child’s death. The Lincoln County Child Death Review team reviews and acknowledges all intentional and unintentional child deaths from a prevention standpoint. For more information, visit Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin

Parenting Support Network (PSN)

PSN mission is to promote the health and safety of families thorugh leadership, referrals, and education. Two primary goals of the Network are:

  • Increase the number of agencies using universal developmental screening for children
  • Promote a consistent safe sleep message among providers.

Parenting Support Network

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