County Health Rankings 2016

County Health RankingsThe County Health Rankings 2016 have been recently released. The Rankings are based on a model of population health that emphasizes the many factors that, if improved, can help make communities healthier places to live, learn, work and play. The County Health Rankings measure the health of nearly all counties in the nation and rank them within states.  The Rankings are compiled using county-level measures from a variety of national and state data sources. These measures are standardized and combined using scientifically-informed weights.

Areas Lincoln County has improved on:

  • Adult smoking rates
  • Unemployment
  • Uninsured
  • Number of preventable hospital stays

Areas that we have the potential to do better:

  • Premature death
  • Number of Lincoln County residents reporting poor physical health days
  • Number of Lincoln County residents reporting poor mental health days
  • Ratio of the population to the number of Mental Health providers
  • Alcohol-impaired driving deaths
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
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