Dr. Jeffrey Moore Named Childhood Immunization Champion by the CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has named Dr. Jeffrey Moore of the Marshfield Clinic Merrill Center a 2018 Childhood Immunization Champion. Dr. Moore was nominated and selected from a pool of health professionals, community advocates, and other immunization leaders for making a significant contribution to public health in Wisconsin.

Dr. Moore was nominated by Lincoln County Public Health Nurse Jennifer Johnson who cited his leadership, collaboration, and tireless work to promote vaccine preventable disease in the community.

Dr. Moore said he is honored to be recognized by the CDC and his colleagues for promoting childhood vaccinations. “Vaccinations are vitally important to the health and well-being of Wisconsin’s children and the public, and encouraging childhood vaccinations is just the right thing to do,” Moore said.The following are excerpts from his nomination:

Before practicing medicine in Wisconsin, Dr. Jeffery Moore served as a medical missionary in Pakistan. The devastating effects of preventable diseases he witnessed there shaped his career-long emphasis on vaccines. In his more than 30 years of practice, Moore has been an outstanding vaccine leader, mentor, advocate, and policy maker in his community.

Dr. Moore has championed childhood immunization in his clinic by connecting with parents. He says the “critical issue is communicating complete, and at times frightening, concepts to parents with hope and reassurance.” He was the recipient of a Vaccine Science Fellowship through the American Academy of Family Physicians where he took courses on vaccine-preventable diseases. The knowledge he acquired through this fellowship has helped him ensure children in his practice get protection from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Dr. Moore works in a rural community, where as many as 1 in 10 live in poverty and only 1 in 8 have a college degree. He always takes advantage of opportunities to educate parents about the recommended immunization schedule. Because of his dedication, his clinic has the highest immunization rates out of more than 50 Marshfield clinics throughout Wisconsin. Outside of his practice, Dr. Moore is a medical advisor for his local health department and helps shape vaccine policy for Lincoln County’s Board of Health. He has also written articles and presented to his community about the science behind childhood vaccines.

For his efforts to educate parents about vaccines in his rural community, Dr. Jeffrey Moore is Wisconsin’s 2018 CDC Childhood Immunization Champion.






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