“Eating Right With Every Bite” Coming to Dave’s County Market

Something tasty is coming to Dave’s County Market! Starting Saturday, March 10th, Dave’s County Market is happy to be partnering with the Lincoln County Health Department to promote the “Eating Right With Every Bite” Healthy Recipe Program. On March 10th from 10am-1pm, the Lincoln County Health Department will be at Dave’s County Market to kick off the program. Samples of healthy, family-friendly recipes will be available to shoppers. Recipe cards will be placed throughout the produce section that feature fun and nutritious ideas for the whole family. Shoppers will also find in-store coupons for fruits and vegetables needed to make each of the featured recipes.

According to the 2017 Lincoln County Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 29% of High School students and 22% of Middle School Students reported eating vegetables 1-3 times in the last week. “Many times we hear that cooking healthy is too time consuming,” states Kristi Krombholz, Public Health Nurse at Lincoln County Health Department and lead of the Lincoln County Nutrition Coalition. “A main goal of this project is to help our local families with simple recipes that are easy to prepare and that kids will actually eat.”

The “Eating Right With Every Bite” Healthy Recipe Program will continue until the end of the year. Each month, the recipe cards will change. In-store coupons will also continue to be offered while grant funding for the program is available.

This program is part of a comprehensive Healthy People Lincoln County plan to promote healthy eating among Lincoln County residents and is an initiative of the Lincoln County Nutrition Coalition. For more information about this program or the Lincoln County Nutrition Coalition, contact Kristi Krombholz, Public Health Nurse, Lincoln County Health Department at 715-539-1376.

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