Establishments Receive Health Department Awards

Lincoln County Health Department announced the fourth annual environmental health award winners for the 2016 licensing year (July 1, 2016- June 30, 2017). The award program recognizes the special effort of high and moderate complexity restaurants that serve food to the public.

Of the 101 establishment’s eligible for the awards, two were chosen for this year’s awards. These establishments should be congratulated for their efforts.

 Awardees include Arby’s and Eagles Aerie 584.

Arby’s: Lynda Talbot, Janice Krimmer, September Murphy, Rebecca Born, Gary Schwartz, Mary Schwarts, and Natalie Falcon accepting Special Recognition Award from Environmental Health Technician September Murphy (Lincoln County Health Department).

Eagles Aerie 584: Scott Doerr and Beth Schlueter accepting Special Recognition Award for Eagles Aeries 584 from Lincoln County Health Department.

Facility Name Category Complexity Location Reason
Arby’s Special Recognition Award Moderate Merrill Exceptional attention to food safety practices, no violations, and effort to exceed minimum requirements.
Eagles Aerie 584 Special Recognition Award High Merrill Excellent food handling practices and knowledgeable staff with no violations during the annual inspection.

“We want to congratulate these businesses on their attention to food safety and all the hard work put in by management and employees. This is really something to be proud of,” said Meghan Williams, Environmental Health Specialist, Lincoln County Health Department.

Other establishments meeting special criteria and therefore should be recognized for their special efforts include: Ballyhoos, The Beacon, Bottoms Up Bar & Grill, Dairy Queen (Merrill), Ed & Sharon’s, Edgewater Country Club, Holly’s, Hugo’s Pizza Shop, Lincoln County Jail Food Service, MAPS School District, Merrill Area Community Enrichment Center, and Pizza Hut (Merrill), Rodeway Inn & Suites, Salvo’s Restaurant, Silver Birch Supper Club, Somo Beach Resort, Subway Merrill 2, Tom and Bev’s Bar, Tomahawk Lodge Bar & Grill.

Special Recognition Award Criteria: 1.

  1. Establishment must have received a routine inspection during the calendar year.
  2. Zero violations found during health department inspection.
  3. No substantiated complaints.
  4. No unaddressed incidents of any risk type. (CDC Risk Factors or Good Manufacturing Practices).
  5. No re-inspections were necessary.
  6. Demonstrated initiative in exceeding minimal code requirements.
  7. Confirmation of eligibility by the Lincoln County Health Department.

The Health Department conducts annual inspections and all food establishments’ reports are available online at

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