Fee Schedule

Adult Immunizations and Tests

Hepatitis A (Adult) $45.00
Hepatitis B (Adult) $55.00
Influenza (Adult) $40.00
Pertussis-Tdap (Adult) $10.00
**Prevnar13 $10.00
**Hepatitis A (Adult) $10.00
**Hepatitis B (Adult) $10.00
**MMR (Adult) $10.00
**Varicella (Adult) $10.00
**Tetanus (Adult) $10.00
**MCV4(Adult) $10.00
**HPV4(Adult) $10.00
** For adults who qualify, cost is $10 per appointment. For more information, contact the Lincoln County Health Department at 715-536-0307. No one will be denied a Federally funded vaccine due to inability to pay.
TB Risk Assessment $10.00
TB Skin Test $17.00

Children’s Immunizations

Children’s Immunization (Underinsured and no insurance only, per appointment) $10.00
***There is no charge for children on Medical Assistance, Alaskan Native, or Native Americans.

Radon Kits

Short-Term $8.00
Long-Term $18.75

Well Water Test Kits

Well Water $20.00
All prices are subject to change
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