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Healthy People Photo 1Tooth decay is the most common disease of childhood. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that 25% of children aged 6 to11 years and 59% of adolescents aged 12 to19 years have chronic tooth decay. Untreated tooth decay may cause pain and infection that could affect a child’s eating, sleeping, speaking, playing, and learning.


Fluoride Supplements

Lincoln County Health Department offers fluoride supplements to Lincoln County children, from the ages 6 months and up to 16 years old, who do not have enough fluoride in their drinking water and do not receive adequate fluoride from other water sources, such as food and beverages. The program is offered at no cost.

Program Requirements:

  1. Have a water test to determine the level fo fluoride in well water. A test kit will be provided at no cost.
  2. Be a county resident ages 6 months up to 16 years.
  3. Submit a completed application

Fluoride Varnishing

Fluoride varnishing is applied to the teeth of infants and children under the age of 5. Fluoride varnish is a protective coating that is painted on teeth by a public health nurse to help prevent new cavities and to help stop cavities that have already started. The varnish program is currently available to Early Childhood/Head Start programs in Lincoln County.

Dental Sealants

Lincoln County Healthy Smiles program currently offers free dental sealants to elementary and middle school children in Lincoln County. The dental sealants are applied to permanent molars by dental hygienists and oral health is presented as part of the child’s total health. The treatment children will receive in this program is not meant to be an alternative to regular dental care.

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