Healthy People Lincoln County (HPLC)

Creating healthy communities and strong local public health systems requires a high level of mutual understanding and collaboration with community individuals and partner groups. In January 2012, the community steering committee, called Healthy People Lincoln County, reviewed local and state data with the goal of setting health priorities for the county.

The following health priorities were identified by this committee:

  • Oral Health
  • Nutrition and Healthy Foods
  • Mental Health

Healthy People Lincoln County has implemented teams of individuals from the community to work on the above priorities. We invite you and your organization to actively support Healthy People Lincoln County’s Community Health Improvement Plan:

  • Volunteer to participate on one of our coalitions.
  • Partner on future community initiatives that promote oral health, proper nutrition and mental health .
  • Share the plan with others.
  • Have the health plan presented at a staff or organizational meeting.

For More Information or to Join a Coalition Contact:

Oral Health Coalition


Nutrition and Healthy Foods Coalition


Mental Health Coalition


Brochures, Reports and Plans:

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