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Influenza-Like Illness (ILI) Activity Report

For the most up to date weekly flu reports in Wisconsin, go to and click “Wisconsin Weekly Influenza Report”

Communicable Disease Reports

Zika Virus Resources

Other Health Updates

  • Hepatitis C Update– With cases on the rise in Lincoln County, providers other than gastrointestinal specialists will be working more with those infected with the virus. Below is a link to the Addiction Technology Transfer Center Network’s HCV Current, a national initiative  to increase Hepatitis C knowledge among medical and behavior health professionals. Information includes: online and in person curriculum and training, downloadable provider tools, and region-specific resources for hepatitis.

CDC Health Information for International Travel

The CDC has information on health risks of international travel in the “CDC Health Information for International Travel”.  The 2018 version of the “Yellow Book” is written primarily for health professionals, but is a useful resource for anyone interested in healthy international travel.


Below is information on how to follow-up on an animal bite and bat exposure.


Please find the annual memo to health care providers in Wisconsin regarding the implementation of the 2015-2016 recommendations for the prevention and control of influenza with vaccines by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) that were formally issued on October 2, 2014. 2015 – 2016 Recommendations for Use of Influenza Vaccine 

ACIP Adult Immunization Recommendations:

Links to Immunization Schedules:

Wisconsin Electronic Disease Surveillance System (WEDSS)

Why Report Using WEDSS Instead of Old-Fashioned Paper Reporting?

  • Timely reporting, as soon as the information is submitted electronically the information can be accessed immediately.
  • Save time by reducing potential double entry of patient’s demographic information that might have already been entered by the laboratories.
  • Reporters do not need to figure out which health department to send to or fax to, if the patient’s address is entered into WEDSS, the system will geocode to the right jurisdiction.
  • Reduce calls from the health departments because of ineligible handwriting.
  • Save money in mailing postage.
  • Save time filing and storing paper reports.

Gaining Access to WEDSS:

There are three steps to getting access to WEDSS as a first-time user:

1. Register for a State of Wisconsin WILMS ID

  • If you already have a WILMS ID, go to step 2.
  • If you are not sure if you have a WILMS ID, go to the URL below and enter your work email address.
  • If you do NOT have a WILMS ID, you will receive an error message beginning, “The E-Mail address you entered was not found…”
  • If you do not have a WILMS account, go to and select “Create Account” and choose Self Registration.
  • Sign up using your work email address and choose “WEDSS” as the system you will access.

2. Email

  • Email with your login ID and the email address with which you registered. Use a subject line of “WEDSS Access” and do NOT include your password.
  • We will forward the WEDSS User Security policy and, if applicable, the WEDSS Security and Confidentiality Organization policy. Please sign and return the signature page by email or fax.
  • WEDSS staff will then create a user account and email a temporary password.

3. Follow Instructions received from WEDSS

  • At this point in the process, we will send you an email with your WEDSS access information: your user account, temporary password and how to change it, as well as training information.
  • Follow the instructions for configuring Internet Explorer for WEDSS access. (Contact your local IT staff if you need assistance.)
  • And finally, notify your LHD that you are using WEDSS.

Contact if you have questions.

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