LCHD School Health Report 2015-2016

Lincoln County Health Department has provided School Health Services for almost 40 years. The 2015-2016 School Health Services Annual Report describes data collected from each school in the district with the purpose of providing a cumulative picture of school nursing services.

By having a school nursbb_middle-School_studentse at school, students have increased school attendance as nurses are able to assess and triage students. In 2015-2016, only about 1 out of 10 students seen by the nurse was sent home ill. Nursing staff recognize when students need to be seen by medical providers to prevent further injury or illnesses within the MAPS district. Nursing staff also prepares individual health and emergency plans providing MAPS employees with the guidance needed to respond to the student’s health needs during the school day. Nursing staff provide education and training on a variety of topics to ensure the safety and health of students.  LCHD School Health Services Annual Report-2015-2016

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