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claim formLincoln County Health department is responsible for the licensing and regulation of: food operations, retail operations, lodging establishments, campgrounds, swimming pools, body art businesses, and manufactured home communities. For additional information on the licensing and regulation of any of these establishments, please select from the following:


Retail Description: A permanent or mobile food processing facility where food processing is conducted primarily for direct retail sale to consumers at the facility, a mobile facility from which potentially hazardous food is sold to consumers at retail or a permanent facility from which food is sold to consumers at retail, whether or not that facility sells potentially hazardous food or is engaged in food processing.

Restaurant Description: Any building, room or place where meals are prepared, served or sold to transients or the general public, and all places used in connection with the building, room or place and includes any public or private school lunchroom for which food service is provided by contract.


Hotel Description: A place where sleeping accommodations are offered for pay to transients, in 5 or more rooms, and all related rooms, buildings and areas.

Motel Description: A permit to operate a place that furnishes on-premise parking for motor vehicles of guests as part of the room charge, without extra cost, and that is identified as a “motel” rather than a “hotel” at the request of the operator.

Bed and Breakfast Description: A permit to operate any place of lodging that provides 8 or fewer rooms for rent to no more than a total of 20 tourists for more than 10 nights in a 12-month period, is the owner’s personal residence, is occupied by the owner at the time of rental, and in which the only meal served to guests is breakfast.

Tourist Rooming House Description: All lodging places and tourist cabins and cottages, other than hotels and motels, in which sleeping accommodations are offered for pay to tourists or transients. It does not include private boarding or rooming houses not accommodating tourists or transients, or bed and breakfast establishments.

Swimming Pools, Public Description: A public swimming pool includes but is not limited to a pool serving or installed for the state or any political subdivision of the state; a pool serving or installed at a motel, hotel, tourist rooming house, bed and breakfast establishment, campground, camp, club, association, housing development or school, or a religious, charitable or youth organization; a mobile pool; and a pool at an educational or rehabilitative institution. Included in the meaning of a “public swimming pool” are buildings, equipment and appurtenances, irrespective of whether or not a fee is charged for their use.

Camp, Recreational, Educational Description: A permit to operate any premise as an overnight living quarters where both food and lodging or facilities for food and lodging are provided for a period that includes 4 or more consecutive nights of lodging, for a planned program of recreation or education, and that is offered free of charge or for a fee.

Campground Description: A permit to operate a campground on any tract, that is designed, maintained, intended or used for the purpose of providing sites for nonpermanent overnight use by 4 or more camping units, or by one to 3 camping units if the parcel or tract of land is represented as a campground.


Tattooing and or Body Piercing Description: A permit to operate any premises where a tattooist applies a tattoo to another person, or a premises where a body piercer performs body piercing, or both.

Certified Food Manager

A complete list of approved courses can found on the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection website at:


For current license fee schedule call 715-536-0307. Credit card payments are excepted by visiting the following website

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