Lincoln County Temporary Food Permits: Who Needs To Be Licensed?

Be food safe logoEach year, millions of people get sick from contaminated food. It takes several steps to get food to your dining room table. During any of those steps, contamination may happen and could potentially get people sick.

The Lincoln County Health Department views education as a tool that can help prevent foodborne illness. A part of this process involves those making and providing food to the public to obtain a permit through the county and have an annual inspection. The inspection will help to educate and ensure that the food we are all consuming is safe.

“It is a working relationship. We want to provide education to those establishments serving food to the public while also ensuring that the food put out is prepared, stored and served in a safe manner”, says Meghan Williams, Registered Environmental Health Specialist for Lincoln County.

As spring has sprung, the number of special events also blooms. Many times, we can grab a bite to eat at those special events and Lincoln County Health Department wants to remind all that a license may be needed to serve food at these types of events. The Lincoln County Health Department issues temporary special event permits to establishments that operate at special event locations such as farmers markets, fairs, carnivals, rallies, music festivals, sporting events, or other similar events. If your group operates at such a venue, contact the Health Department for more information. Non-profit organizations serving food 0-3 days per year do not require a permit, but are encouraged to contact the Health Department for safe food handling handouts. Non-profit groups serving food more than 4 days per year do require a permit and should contact the Health Department to determine license category.

For further questions or concerns, please call the Lincoln County Health Department, 715-536-0307 or email

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