Local Pizza Restaurants Promote Parents Who Host Lose the Most Campaign

This graduation season, local pizza restaurants are partnering with the Lincoln County Drug-Free Coalition and local law enforcement to promote the Parents Who Host Lose the Most: Don’t Be a Party to Underage Drinking Campaign. The goal of the campaign is to educate the community about the health and safety risks of underage drinking and the legal outcomes of providing alcohol to youth.

The following pizza establishments are supporting the campaign by placing stickers on carry out boxes and posting signage within their restaurant.

  • Ballyhoo’s Bar & Restaurant
  • Bambino’s Pizza & Grill
  • Hugo’s Pizza
  • Salvo’s Pizzeria & Restaurant

Graduation is an important milestone in young people’s lives and cause for celebration; however it’s important for parents to remember that providing alcohol to teens at graduation parties can be costly for everyone involved. It is illegal, unsafe, and unhealthy for anyone under age 21 to drink alcohol. Breaking the law by purchasing alcohol, or hosting a teen drinking party, can result in fines up to $500 per underage person to whom alcohol is provided.

Several steps can be taken to prevent underage alcohol use at graduation parties:

  1. Host safe, alcohol-free activities and events for youth during graduation season and the summer.
  2. Refuse to supply alcohol to children or allow drinking in your home or on your property(s).
  3. Be at home when your teenager has a party.
  4. Make sure your teenager’s friends do not bring alcohol into your home. If youth bring in alcohol, take it away immediately.
  5. Talk to other parents about alcohol-free youth events.
  6. Report underage drinking to authorities promptly.

Parents Who Host, Lose the Most: Don’t be a Party to Teenage Drinking Campaign was developed by and is a project of the Drug-Free Action Alliance. If you would like more information or would like yard signs or a banner for your business or organization; contact Kristin Bath, Health Educator for the Lincoln County Health Department at 715-539-1373 or kbath@co.lincoln.wi.us .

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