New Plan Outlines Roadmap to a Healthier Lincoln County

Lincoln County Health Department in collaboration with its Live Well Lincoln partners are proud to announce the release of the Lincoln County Community Health Improvement Plan 2018-2023 (CHIP). The CHIP is a six-year plan aimed at improving the health of Lincoln County residents. It provides direction for where we want to be as a county with regard to health.

“The success of the CHIP is largely dependent on the support and involvement of our entire community being motivated to live well,” stated Shelley Hersil, Health Officer/Director of Lincoln County Health Department. “No single individual or organization can do this work alone, but together we can significantly impact the health of Lincoln County residents.”

The CHIP is a six year plan that outlines goals and strategies for each health priority identified in the Lincoln County Community Health Assessment (CHA), which was published earlier this year. Health priorities include:

  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse
  • Nutrition and Healthy Foods
  • Oral (Dental) Health
  • Social Determinants of Health

All health priorities, with the exception of social determinants of health, are a continuation from the previous CHIP. Local coalitions have already been established and are actively working on improving these issues, however more work is needed. Social determinants of health is a new focus and looks at health through an environmental and policy level lens. Social determinants of health are factors such access to healthy foods, housing, transportation, quality jobs, education, and health care that influence length and quality of life. By addressing social determinants of health, we can drastically improve the health of our community.

We invite you to actively support the CHIP and get involved with Live Well Lincoln. If you are interested in getting involved, or if you would like a presentation about the CHIP for your organization, please contact Shelley Hersil, Director/Health Officer at or (715) 539-1360.

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