Northwoods Tobacco-Free Coalition Provides Materials on E-Cigarette and Vape Product Use Throughout Lincoln County

E-cigarettesThe Northwoods Tobacco-Free Coalition has placed educational materials on vaping and E-cigarette use throughout Merrill including: Piggly Wiggly, Aspirus Clinic, Ministry Health Clinic, St. Vincent DePaul Free Clinic, east Kwik Trip location,  both Subway locations, Park Place and Jenny Towers Apartments.  Materials can be found in the Tomahawk area at: Ministry Medical Group, Sacred Heart Hospital, City Hall, Northcentral Health Care/ Tomahawk Annex and Shell Gas Station.

As vaping and electronic cigarette use become an increasingly popular method for tobacco cessation, parents and the community as a whole must be aware of the health risks of vaping and the impact of second-hand vapor on our children.

Because vape liquids are not regulated, nicotine content levels vary dramatically between products. Some vape liquids may contain no nicotine at all, but are flavored, making them interesting for children.  Vape liquids contain chemicals found in embalming fluid, paint thinner, batteries, nail polish remover and herbicides. Inhaling combinations of unregulated chemical substances over the long term has unknown health effects.

There is currently no evidence that vaping is better than smoking cigarettes. Many people who vape also smoke cigarettes, placing them at an increased risk of health problems.  Vaping also negatively influences children, who may perceive vaping as “cool” and can easily become addicted to the nicotine products.  Children can also inhale second hand vapor, which often contains particles of metal and various chemicals.

The Lincoln County Health Department and the Northwoods Tobacco-Coalition are working together to raise awareness and to make our community a healthier and safer place for Lincoln County residents.

Contact Judy Sargent, Lincoln County Health Department Public Health Nurse, at 715-539-1377 to learn more about vaping and tobacco products or to obtain educational materials.

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