School Health Services

Smiling Nurse Carrying Medical ChartsThe Lincoln County Health Department is contracted to provide and oversee the provision of school health services to students attending schools within the MAPS district. Assuring the health, well-being and safety of children in the MAPS schools is a foundation for their academic success.

Services Include:

  • Regular school visits at each school; provision of direct care for injury or illness, and for long-term management of students with special health care needs.
  • Provide leadership for the provision of health services, including management of student health information.
  • Provide screening and referral for health conditions.
  • Promote a healthy school environment by efforts such as monitoring immunizations, ensuring reporting and appropriate exclusion for infectious diseases, and act as a resource to promote environmental safety, and prevent violence, bullying, and suicide.
  • Provide health-promoting information to students, parents and classes; participate in health-related curriculum development.
  • Provide leadership for health-related policies and programs, and a system of managing emergencies and urgent situations.
  • Act as a liaison between school personnel, family, health care professionals, and the community.

Who is Your School Nurse?

  • Merrill High School, Sarah Frisch, RN, BSN, Phone 715-536-4594 x 18020
  • Prairie River Middle School, Jennifer Johnson, RN, BSN, Phone 715-536-9593 X 17009
  • Kate Goodrich Elementary, Kristi Krombholz, RN, BSN, Phone 715-536-5233 x 13117
  • Washington Elementary, Jennifer Johnson, RN, BSN, Phone 715-536-2373
  • Jefferson Elementary, Kristi Krombholz, RN BSN, Phone 715-536-5432
  • Maple Grove Elementary, Karen Krueger, RN, BSN, Phone 715-536-7684

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