Temporary Food Safety Education Program

food-safety0Receive $10 off your annual license by completing the temporary food safety education program self-study quiz! Are you ready to serve food at your event? Keeping food safe and sanitary in a temporary food stand can be a real challenge due to its unique conditions. The goal of the temporary food education program self-study course is to provide an opportunity for temporary food establishments to ensure that individuals handling, preparing and serving food have the basic knowledge and skills to minimize potential hazards and food borne illness.

If you are a temporary food vendor that receives a Lincoln County permit use the Temporary Food Establishments Guide to answer the food safety questions sent to you with your renewal to receive $10 off your permit. You will then return the answer sheet to the Lincoln County Health Department with payment for your permit. Make sure to deduct the $10 when submitting your payment to the Lincoln County Health Department. For those that complete the self-study education program the annual fee is $120.00. For those that do not complete the self-study program the annual fee is $130.00.


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