The Burden of Tobacco 2015 Report Released

A new report has been released on the health and economic effects of cigarette smoking in Wisconsin. Using data from numerous databases, the Burden of Tobacco report describes the health and economic burden associated with cigarette smoking in Wisconsin.

Major Findings:

  • During 2008-2012, an estimated 6,678 people died from illnesses directly related to smoking each year, constituting nearly 15% of all annual deaths in Wisconsin among persons aged 35 years and older.
  • Another 678 people died from illnesses and fires indirectly related to smoking.
  • Collectively, 7,356 Wisconsin deaths were associated with tobacco use each year.
  • The annual economic toll of tobacco in Wisconsin was approximately $3.0 billion paid in direct health care costs and $1.6 billion in lost productivity.

Review the report: Burden-of-Tobacco-2015

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