“Try Before You Buy” Coming to Dave’s County Market

Something tasty is coming to Dave’s County Market in Merrill Saturday March 25th 10am-1pm or while supplies last. The Lincoln County Nutrition Coalition is partnering with the local grocery store to offer a taste testing event. The booth will feature fruits and vegetables to encourage children and adults to try something new. “I hope this booth will offer a chance for people to try a new fruit or vegetable,” states Kristi Krombholz RN, lead of the Lincoln County Nutrition Coalition. She also adds, “If people like the fruits and vegetables that they taste, they can then pick it up in the store that day!”

Eating fruits and veggies is part of the 5210 message currently being promoted by the Lincoln County Nutrition Coalition. 5210 stands for eating at least 5 fruits and vegetables each day, watching 2 or less hours of recreational screen time, getting at least one hour of exercise each day, and drinking zero sugary beverages. More information on 5210 will be available at the booth. This event is free to the public and all are encouraged to attend. If you have any questions on the event, contact Kristi Krombholz Public Health Nurse at the Lincoln County Health Department at 715-539-1376.

The Lincoln County Nutrition Coalition is part of Healthy People Lincoln County whose mission is to promote partnerships within the community to improve health through advocacy, prevention and implementation of best practices. If you are interested in participating in the community garden grant, please contact Shelley Hersil, Lincoln County Health Department, 715-539-1360 or shersil@co.lincoln.wi.us.

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