WI Wins: A Statewide Tobacco Movement

Have you heard of the Wisconsin Wins program? Wisconsin Wins is a science-based, state-wide program designed to decrease youth access to tobacco products.  It began in the spring of 2002.

This program strives to reduce illegal tobacco sales to minors. It congratulates local clerks who do not sell tobacco to youth.  It also educates those who do.  Free training is available through the program.  This training can be found at www.WITobaccoCheck.org. Training allows local retailers the ability to educate employees on Wisconsin tobacco sales laws. The penalties for not following these laws can be severe.  This includes fines up to $500 or suspension of tobacco license.

The Northwoods Tobacco-Free Coalition (NWTFC) is part of the WI Wins program. That means any retailer in Lincoln County that has a tobacco license is subject to a tobacco compliance check in 2018.  This is done to make sure tobacco products are not being sold to youth under the age of 18. “This year our goal is to have zero illegal sales of tobacco to minors”, says Judy Sargent, Public Health Nurse for Lincoln County Health Department and member of NWTFC. “We will continue to educate our tobacco retailers on the importance of trained clerks, encourage them to print and file these certificates to ensure completion of training. If an illegal sale occurs from a trained clerk, both that sales person and the retail store will be fined.”

All kids deserve a healthy future. Tobacco retailers play a big role in keeping kids tobacco-free.  Retailers can help kids avoid tobacco use by checking the ID of anyone that tries to buy a tobacco product.  For more information contact Judy Sargent, Public Health Nurse, at 715-539-1377 or visit www.wiwins.org.

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