Blue-Green Algae Can Be A Health Hazard

blue gree algaeWhen in doubt, best keep out! Lincoln County Health Officials are reminding people to watch out for blue-green algae blooms in waterways this summer and to avoid swimming in water where visible scum or mats of blue-green algae are present. Lincoln County Health Department reports blue-green algae on some of our lakes in Lincoln County already this year. Continue Reading > >

Beat The Heat: Stay Healthy and Safe

extreme_heatTemperatures are expected to rise to the mid-90s, with heat indexes reaching a potentially dangerous 95-108 degree range.

Heat is one of the leading causes of weather-related deaths. Those who are most at risk are older adults and young children, and people living with chronic or mental health conditions.

People who do not have access to air conditioning in their homes are encouraged to seek out air conditioned facilities such as public buildings, malls, libraries, senior centers, cooling centers or stay with family or neighbors who have air conditioning.  Click Here for a list of cooling centers in Lincoln County.   
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Lincoln County Health Department Celebrates 100 Year Anniversary – Public is Invited to Celebrate on July 27

Celebrating-100-Years-mark-small2016 marks the 100 year anniversary of the Lincoln County Health Department. To acknowledge this important occasion, the Health Department is holding a 100 Year Celebration on July 27, from 4:00 – 6:00 pm in the Health Department Clinic Room.

As we look forward to the next hundred years of public health, it’s important to remember where we came from. Shelley Hersil, Lincoln County Health Officer, explains “The history of public health in Lincoln County is strong. Theta Mead was the first Public Health Nurse in the county, appointed in 1917. She was the second Public Health Nurse in Wisconsin and one of the first in the nation.” Continue Reading > >

Foodborne Illness Increases in Summer

fairsandfood_b250pxEvery year approximately 1 in 6 Americans gets sick, and 128,000 are hospitalized from foodborne illness, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention The Lincoln County Health Department is reminding citizens that by following basic food safety tips, it can help lower the chance that you, your family, and friends get sick this summer at a party or picnic. “Foodborne illness increases in the summer for a few different reasons,” says Meghan Williams, Registered Environmental Health Specialist, Lincoln County Health Department. “One of the biggest reasons is that warm humid weather provides favorable conditions for bacteria to grow.” Continue Reading > >

Intern to Work with Wisconsin Wins Program

wis_wins_logoElizabeth Mors from Nicolet Area Technical College, is joining the Wisconsin Wins project and visiting tobacco license holders to find out which businesses are complying with the law and which ones may need to provide their employees with more training regarding tobacco sales. Mors will be working in six counties: Oneida, Forest, Lincoln, Florence, Vilas, and Price. Continue Reading > >